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The Anatomy of a Great Maid of Honor Toast

Posted by Erin Sliney

1/12/14 4:02 PM

It's always the best feeling when your sister or best friend chooses YOU to be their Maid/Matron of Honor!  After the excitment sets in...your mind all the sudden starts to wonder.  How am I going to do the speech!!  Very few people feel comfortable standing up in front of 100+ people with a microphone.  But think of it this way - you are speaking about a topic that you know more than anyone:  Your Best Friend.  So take a deep breath - you've got this!  Here are my tips to a great Maid of Honor toast.

1.  No one expects you to be a stand up comedian

Having a speech mixed with laughter and tears is always the goal, but if the jokes just aren't coming naturally - DON'T FORCE IT!  You never go wrong speaking from the heart

2.  College friends beware - most of your favorite moments may not be appropriate!

Try to find a way to infuse some humor, but try to keep it innocent and centered around things that wouldn't make grandma cry!

3.  Always thank the hosts - enough said!

4.  Say something nice about the groom - even if you don't know him well

If you've had little time to bond with the groom, focus on how happy he makes the bride and potentially the stories she told you of when they first got together

5.  Try your best not to read from a piece of paper

I practice a maid of honor speech many times before I give it but I actually try not to memorize it.  If you get distracted, it's hard to remember your place again.  Instead, come prepared with a bulleted roadmap of "stories" that you've told out loud many times.  Trust yourself - you will nail it!

6.  Try to keep it short and sweet


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