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Bridal Shower Tips for Savvy Bridesmaids

Posted by Erin Sliney

1/12/14 4:00 PM

Bridal Showers are always a great time - but planning one tends to bring out a ton of anxiety for both the bride and her bridesmaids!  As a veteran bridesmaid several times over, I have found a few short cuts that relieve the stress of planning a shower.  With these tips you are sure to please both the bride's girlfriends and her grandma!
  • Keep the Champagne Flowing!
  • Those who know me always expect a bar at a shower stocked with mimosas and bellinis!   This keeps everyone loose and the conversation flowing!  A personal favorite is a Bellini short-cut!  You can make your favorite fruit puree days in advance and freeze it in cute ice trays (I am always trying to justify purchasing those at HomeGoods)!  Just drop the frozen puree cube into a champagne glass and Viola! you have a tasty and classy signature drink!
  • At my Sister-In Law, Jenn's shower, we pulled together a Sangria bar with fresh fruit laid out so everyone could add their own favorites.  It was a hit!

  • Find a way to engage all family members in advance with a creative gift
  • I always feel pressure thinking of creative and thoughtful gift, especially when it's your dearest friend's shower.  One idea I've had success with is pulling together a family cookbook and presenting the bride with it at her shower.  You can include a request for recipes on the back of the invitation and you will be shocked how many people love to be included!  
  • I made a custom cookbook for my friend Renee because I could not attend her shower.  I made sure to include baby pictures, stories, words of advice and touching open letters from her family and friends.
  • I typically use to create these books, I have found they give you the most creative flexibility.  I found that the actually formatting of the book is very time consuming - plan accordingly!    Renee_cookbook
  • Make present un-wrapping and gift tracking as easy as possible
  • If you are hosting a big shower, always be sure to keep some scissors and knives handy to un-wrap those boxes!  Pottery Barn and Crate and Barrel use some serious packaging tape!
  • The best way to keep the bride organized for her future thank you notes is to print out a spreasheet with everyone's address in advance.  Her bridesmaids should write down the gift she recieved next to the address on the list - it's so helpful to keep all of the information in one place!

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